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Floating store sets sail in backwaters of Kuttanad in Kerala

Alappuzha (Kerala) June 12 (ANI): A novel initiative in the form of a floating retail store, is set to ease the woes of almost a million people living in the vicinity of backwaters of Kuttanad region in Kerala.

The store named ‘Triveni’ is an initiative of Consumerfed, the Kerala State Co-operative Consumers Federation Ltd, an apex body of consumer cooperatives in the state.

With shelf space of around 1,000 square feet, ‘Triveni’ comes as a blessing to the locals, who hitherto had to visit the nearest town to shop for the smallest of their needs.

“There are more than a million people residing in this area. Most of the places they have no road access. They are denied of many facilities. They have to go to town and spend a lot of money. Due to implementation of the floating ‘Triveni’, it will go to their doorstep and deliver good quality products at a reasonable price,” said Rejji Nair, Managing Director, Consumerfed, Kerala

‘Triveni’ operates from eight in the morning till six in the evening, catering to numerous people, who are happy as the store will save them time and money for the shopping errands to the nearest towns.

“Earlier we islanders had to travel to far off places to get commodities of daily use but now it will be a relief and helpful,” said Shanti Anil Kumar, a resident.

Considering the economic background of the prospective customers, ‘Triveni’ is offering a two per cent discount on all commodities; which will be further increased to three per cent for customers belonging to Scheduled Castes and Tribes.

“It will really be helpful for the general public like us living in far areas. We will be also getting good quality with better or cheaper prices. I think this will be a big attraction for the poor people,” added Ratish Kumar, another resident.

The store equipped with the Internet and powered by solar energy, will touch and anchor at almost 50 locations in the backwaters everyday.

Considering certain unique aspects related to ‘Triveni’, the Consumerfed has approached the Guinness Book of World Records to endorse these facts in the next edition.

Though small boats selling fruits and vegetables in the ‘floating markets’ are a common sight in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Venezuela, ‘Triveni’ seems to be the only full fledged retail store, the first of its kind. (ANI)

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