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Finance Minister outlines focus areas for 2009-10

New Delhi, July 6 (ANI): In presenting the budget for 2009-10, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Monday outlined some focus areas.
Mukherjee pointed out that the policies in a medium term perspective would have to pay attention to the following:

(a) sustain a growth rate of at least nine per cent per annum over an extended period of time;

(b) strengthen the mechanisms for inclusive growth for creating about 12 million new work opportunities per year;

(c) reduce the proportion of people living below poverty line to less than half from current levels by 2014;

(d) ensure that Indian agriculture continues to grow at an annual rate of four per cent;

(e) increase the investment in infrastructure to more than nine per cent of GDP by 2014;

(f) support Indian industry to met the challenge of global competition and sustain the growth momentum in exports;

(g) strengthen and improve the economic regulatory frame work in the country;

(h) expand the range and reach of social safety nets by providing direct assistance to vulnerable sections;

(i) strengthen the delivery mechanism for primary health care facilities with a view to improve the preventive and curative health care in the country.

(j) create a competitive progressive and well regulated education system of global standards that meets the aspiration of all segments of the society; and

(k) move towards providing energy security by pursuing an Integrated Energy Policy. (ANI)

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