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Fiji regime shredding documents incriminating them for 2006 coup

Melbourne, Apr 21 (ANI): Fiji’s military regime has ruled it cannot be legally challenged over its 2006 coup and has begun shredding documents that incriminate the regime.

Blog websites have reported that the troubled country’s newly-appointed chief registrar, Major Ana Rokomokoti, has been destroying court documents related to the coup and any other negative claims.

The actions are part of the latest power grab by military leader Frank Bainimarama, who has ruled the country by virtual dictatorship since overthrowing a democratic government in December 2006, reported.

His government was recently handed more power when the constitution was abolished, elections delayed, media censored, judiciary sacked and top officials replaced with those suiting Bainimarama’s new order.

The chief registrar, one such appointee, is reported to have begun “shredding away justice from our courts,” according to the blog site, Intelligentsiya, which is carrying news anonymously amid censorship.

Fiji Law Society president Dorsami Naidu said the actions were a vain attempt to protect an illegal government.

“I have heard they have shredded all paperwork and files on actions pending against the military regime. They’re wrecking it to try to get away with what they’ve done,” Naidu said.

The government has also released a new decree which states that it can no longer be legally challenged on any ruling made between the coup date and when the constitution was abrogated. (ANI)

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