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Explosives seized in Uttar Pradesh

Allahabad, May 28 (ANI): Police personnel seized a huge cache of explosives in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh.

While randomly checking vehicular traffic, the police chanced upon these explosive items from a van, which they detained.

Out of the four men inside the van, three were arrested but the fourth person managed to give a slip to the police constables.

The police claimed to have recovered total 3.5 quintals of ammonium nitrate, 4500 plain detonators, 50-metre fuse wire and 173 gelatine dynamite tubes.

“We haven’t come across any clue on whether these seized items were to be used for explosives. With the information we have received, we discovered that these are used for breaking stones in quarries. The detailed inquiry is in process. We will investigate soon after we get relevant information,” said Chandra Prakash, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Allahabad Range.

Meanwhile, hunt is on to nab the fourth man who managed to run from the clutches of the police while the explosive items were being seized. (ANI)

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