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Excessive heat takes toll on pear crop in Punjab

Abohar (Punjab), May 27 (ANI): Farmers in Abohar in Punjab suffered huge losses as their pear crop has been damaged due to excessive heat this summer.

The cultivation of pears has been affected the morale of the farmers.

Sharp rise in temperature in the region has destroyed not only the crops, but also affected the soil.

Mites are affecting the cultivation of pears spread in 200 acres of the region.

The farmers fear that if such conditions prevail for long it would affect other crops as well.

“The affect would be on the variety of pears that we usually produce. Due to the heat, the production of pears has been reduced. If rain comes, we would put fertilisers to the plant so that it comes out better,” said krishna dogra, a farmer.

Experts say that the pear crop requires ample rains during April and May. But due to the lack of rain this season, the crop has been affected badly.

“We also have farm houses. But in farmhouses, we have wind break installed. But mostly in other regions they don’t have wind break installed. Therefore, the percentage affected would be 20 to 30 percentage of production,” said Professor Pushpinder Singh, Director Punjab Agriculture University, Regional Centre, Abohar.

The producers of the crop say that they tried to save the crops by spraying chemicals and other facilities but it failed.

The gardeners fear that the worst is yet to come. (ANI)

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