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Election fervour missing out in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, Apr 25 (ANI): With barely a few days left for polls in Gujarat, election fervor seems yet to grip the state.

Polling in Gujarat is scheduled for April 30 but there are no life size posters or hoardings.
Residents here feel that political parties don’t have any issue to raise this time.

“This time political parties don’t have any major issue that can directly affect the public. That’s why people don’t seem to be excited. Secondly, people are also not coming out because of summer heat,” said Janesh Bhai, a resident.
Guidelines of the Election Commission are also restricting political parties in their campaigning.

“One can’t find election atmosphere on the streets. One reason for this is due to guidelines from the Election Commission to political parties which make them unable to put banners, hoarding and paint walls,” said Yamal Vyas, Gujarat BJP spokesperson.

However, political parties are trying hard to take every step to get a maximum voter turnout and are optimistic that a large number of people will caste their votes.

“During this festival of democracy, every one would caste his votes. As far as this lackluster in election is concerned, there has been a tradition that at end of the day, people in Gujarat caste their votes in great numbers,” said Mansih Doshi, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) spokesperson. (ANI)

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