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Dr. Manmohan Singh to clarify in Parliament on Egypt statement

Under fire for the Indo-Pak joint statement, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is hoping to end the controversy on Wednesday. He will make a statement in Parliament clarifying the government’s stand on the two issues of delinking terror from composite dialogue and Balochistan.

Sources say, in his statement, Manmohan Singh is expected to firmly say the composite dialogue won’t start till Pakistan addresses India’s concerns on terrorism.

Sources also say he will distance India from Balochistan saying that it’s an internal matter of Pakistan.

It’s not just the Opposition but even sections of the Congress who have been uncomfortable with the joint statement.

The delinking of action against the perpetrators of 26/11 from the composite dialogue with Pakistan has raised a lot of concern.
And the reference to Balochistan has prompted the BJP to accuse the government of a sell out to Pakistan.

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