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Door hardware industry in Aligarh suffers due to unrest in Nepal

Aligarh, May 21(ANI): The political turmoil in Nepal has led to a decline in the exports of door hardware products like locks and door fittings from Aligarh to Nepal.

There are 25 units in Aligarh that are involved in the manufacturing of door hardware products. The industry association in Aligarh says that political unrest in Nepal has severely reduced their business.

“The business of 25 businessmen under the aegis of Aligarh Nepal Export Association has reduced to 25 per cent. Earlier, we were doing a business of around 150-200 million but that has now reduced to 30-40 million,” said Raj Kumar, Deputy Chairman, Nepal Aligarh Export Association.

Exporters fear that if the situation continues like that, they may need to shut their units.

“There is an overstock of goods. Our orders for the last one and half months are ready but the parties in Nepal have refused to accept orders and our production has also reduced to half. We have to shut down our work if in future the situation doesn’t improve. Now, we work four five days a week and even in these days, there is no overtime work,” said Komal Katara, owner of a business unit manufacturing door hardware product.

Workers in these units are facing a tough time due to decline in exports.

Nepal plunged into turmoil after Maoists groups protested over the reinstatement of Army chief General Rookmangud Katwal by the Nepalese President. (ANI)

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