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Death of another youth triggers protests in Kashmir

Srinagar, June 4 (ANI): Police in Srinagar resorted to tear gas shelling and fired bullets in air to disperse violent mobs protesting against death of a youth.

As per reports, the dead, Nisar Ahmed received serious injuries by a tear gas shell explosion two days ago when the security forces were engaged in dealing with a group of protestors who pelted stones at the police in down town Srinagar.

Consequently, Ahmed was rushed to the hospital.

Hundreds of people shouting ‘pro-freedom’ slogans converged here protesting against the killing.

Scores of protesters as well as security personnel were injured during the clashes.

This is the second incident when a young boy has died allegedly after sustaining injuries in tear gas shelling.

Hundreds of people participated in the funeral procession of the deceased youth.

Police had to use force to maintain peace during the funeral processions. Scores of protesters as well as the security personnel were injured during the clashes.

Meanwhile, separatists continued a protest strike in Kashmir on Thursday over the death of two women, alleging that they have been killed by security forces.  (ANI)

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