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Congress sweeping Delhi in initial voting results

New Delhi/Kanpur/Mathura, May 16 (ANI): With their arms in the air and banners of star campaigners Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi in either hand, Congress Party supporters set off firecrackers in New Delhi over the news that their party is surging in on all the seven seats.

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal appeard joyous over the initial leads. He said, “This is a mandate for Sonia Gandhi’s leadership and the Prime Minister’s leadership in government. People have voted overall for stability, secularism and a Prime Minister who wants to serve the nation, and not be involved in politics.”

Sibal added that all allies are with the UPA and there is no falling out.

Meanwhile in Kanpur, Congress Party workers organised fire ritual in anticipation of the party’s victory.

“In the last five years the way Manmohan Singh’s UPA Government has worked for country’s development and prosperity, we wish that it once again comes to power. We have offered prayers and organized fire ritual. We wish that Congress Government-led by Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi comes to power,” said Ram Manohar, a party worker.

In Mathura, hordes of people are busy preparing ‘Ladoo’ in large numbers which would be distributed after the final results are out.

The UPA is leading in 224 seats and the NDA in 154 seats. The Third Front is leading in 69 and Others are leading in 30, till the reports last filtered in. (ANI)

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