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Coin dating back to 600 BC in Jamshedpur museum

Jamshedpur, July 6 (ANI): A coin museum with collections dating back to 600 BC is drawing hundreds of enthusiasts in Jharkhand.

Jamshedpur Coin Collectors Museum was opened with the donations from 135 numismatists this year.

The museum has got 1200 rare and antique coins of varied mint and metals including those of gold, silver, copper, stone and iron from various dynasties and periods.

The museum also has the world’s smallest coin dating back to 300-400 AD.”We also have world’s smallest coin known as ‘Masa’ which was introduced by Magadh rulers between 300-400 AD. This coin is very special for us. Our museum has got four such coins,” said Kalyan Guha, founder and general secretary of the museum.

The rare and antique coins fascinate every visitor as they have an opportunity to look at golden and silver coins of Mughal era under one roof.

“I am delighted after witnessing such rare coins. After witnessing these coins, we thought of Mughal era when India was touted as the golden bird. In the same museum, we also came across modern coins which are just made up of iron and steel,” said Shaista, a visitor.

Jamshedpur Coin Collectors Museum is an only private museum in the country. (ANI)

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