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Cine-inspired-students make unique bike in Ludhiana

Ludhiana, May 19 (ANI):  Inspired by Bollywood comedy ‘Golmaal Returns’, five students from Ludhiana have invented a unique three-wheeler motorbike, which can accommodate five to six people.

After watching the movie, they too thought of a bike, which could accommodate five people. And after a month’s labour the fantasy bike became a reality.

Students of automobile engineering, they started working on the bike as part of their course project and made the unique bike.

“We saw such a bike in the movie ‘Golmaal. Returns’. It had three tyres. We thought that this would be different from others. Hence we made this
project,” said Kuldeep Saini, one of the inventors.

They are hoping that an automobile company will help them to get the bike on roads.

“We want some company to adopt our idea so that this bike can go on the road. We want this bike to reach the common man,” said Avtaar Singh, a inventer.

They bought a second hand Royal Enfield bike and used it as the basic structure

The bike with an engine of 350 cc capacity and mileage of 30 kilometres per litre is already making quite an impact on the roads in Ludhiana. (ANI)

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