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Caste System In India

Caste System In India

Caste System In India

The Indian constitution does not recognize the caste system. It treats every human as equal. However it does not recognize the fact that there are some sections of the society who have been oppressed for a long time. They need to be uplifted and brought at par with the other people so special provision had been created for the welfare of such sections.

The Indian society is one of the most ancient societies. It continues to be a living force instead of confined to museums. There are many sources open to us as to look at the society. Vedas are of course one. The central message of Vedas is one of ‘hita’ or welfare of all the life including all the creatures. We have Ramayana and Mahabharata. In both these epics the life of society in India as it existed is well portrayed. They are our standards. Ramayana has many incidents of interaction of different sections of society. Brahmins with Kshatriyas and both the Vaishyas and all with Shudhras. There is the beautiful harmony and cooperation that prevailed in the society not just in the limits of area but throughout the country. There were no wholesale massacres of defeated people. This is our standard. Only because of such values great champion of Hindu’s Shivaji followed the footsteps of Shri Ram not only freed captured wife of subedar of Kalyan Durga but also honoured her by calling her as his mother and sent her with honours and presents as one send his sister to in laws house.

Casteism is one of the great evils which plague our society. Not only it reduced the productivity of available masses but also increases social rifts. Caste is a deep rooted phenomenon and needs serious thinking and concentrated action on the parts of both social leaders as well as individuals. The country is divided on caste lined. The caste system has also compartmentalised our political system. Now, most of the castes have their own political leader or political party who serve only their needs. States like Bihar, caste system is a cause for large scale violence. And it is because of rigid caste system the development of the state is in jeopardy.

Many efforts have been made, before and after independence to get rid India from the caste system. One of the great leaders who fought hard against this evil was Dr Ambedkar, who spent most of his life fighting against the discrimination on the basis of task. He played a great role in uplifting the condition of low class people.

The constitution guarantees equality but people must believe others to be their equal. Caste was a historical creation and god has made everybody equal, this is duty of social and religious teachers also to tell people. Media should expose the evils of caste system as frequent as possible. Compulsory moral education should be introduced in schools which deal with issues like secularism and casteism. All these in the long run will dilute this phenomenon. This will be our tribute to Gandhiji and Dr Ambedkar, who fought all their lives against this evil.

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