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Can’t We Think Beyond Caste?

Caste Based Census

Caste Based Census

The central government has already given its nod for caste based census after a very long time in 1931. At one hand we talk of equality irrespective of caste, creed, religion and community .campaigns to eradicate the feeling of caste among people have been common for us. Contrary to what we shout let’s remove the word “caste” from our Indian dictionary we give official recognition to caste system by conducting such caste based census.

Still the government is not sure about achieving its goal of conducting caste based census but one thing is sure the Mandal commission supporting politicians will find themselves somewhat stronger than before as they believe in national development policy making on the basis of caste system. Should we really expect uniform development of our society through such national policies?

If someone says people from upper caste taken as all are in better condition as compare to the people from lower caste, needless to say it is true. But when we look at individual level this fact is no more valid and what we observe in many cases one belonging to upper caste is in worse condition than his neighbor belonging to lower caste. It was really hurting for me to see how this caste based reservation system is totally irrelevant when I have gone to buy application form for IIT JEE with some of my friends to a bank. Actually one of my friends used to be from upper caste but his parents were unemployed and were totally dependent on farming for their livelihoods. The cost of application form was one thousand rupees for general category and five hundred for reserved category. He was unable to arrange thousand rupees and had only seven hundred. He asked another friend in group to give three hundred rupees and told he will return it. Can you guess from which caste this friend used to belong from whom he asked for money? He was from a lower caste in reserved category whose dad was doing job in Reserve Bank of India and mom was a high school teacher. He was still paying only five hundred rupees for the application form and the one from upper caste having no better means to study was paying thousand rupees. Is this really justified? Why our caste based reservation system or census statistics fails here? Can’t we go for logical policies to uplift the downtrodden?

One can easily find that in some states the houses and living conditions of some lower caste people are better than the upper caste people. Caste based developmental action policies can never take care of such variation in economical status at individual level.

A more effective approach that can be taken is economical status of a family irrespective of caste or religion for betterment of society and boosting the living status of people. The government should make a universal policy that favours every section of society rather better to say every individual. And if we really want to see every family of society a happy and well to do family definitely we will have to think a policy exclusive of caste consideration.

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