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Bumper crop of plums in Kashmir

Budgam (Jammu and Kashmir), July 14 (ANI): People in different parts of the country can expect to relish delicious plums or, Aloobukharas in common parlance, as there has been a bumper crop in Kashmir.

Kashmir’s Budgam district, which grows plums had good rainfall coupled with moderate temperature this year.

As per the State Government, 2000 hectares of land of the valley is under plum cultivation. The production of plums this year is expected to touch 5500 metric tons, 500 metric tonnes more than the last year.

“The production is high in the entire region, even the colour of our fruit is better that that was in the last season…every fruit grower is happy as they are fetching good prices for their fruits,” Salim Ahmad Bhat, a plum grower said.

As soon as the orchard owners and growers bring their yield to the wholesale markets, they are packed and dispatched to various states of the country.

“According to our information and observation 80 percent of the entire plum produce is of ‘A’ grade quality which is better than the last year…we hope that this year growers of the region will fetch good profit,” said Manzoor Ahmad, an official with the State Horticulture Department.

Plums have different varieties like sentarosa, silver plum, and chokandra plum. The juicy and tasty plum is much sought after in Mumbai, Kolkota and Delhi. (ANI)

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