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Bollywood star Salman Khan woos voters for Congress

Bollywood star Salman Khan spent his weekend wooing voters for Congress nominee Anu Tandon in Unnao, Tandon’s Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

The star, who is quite a rage with youngsters, drew fabulous crowds at each of the five Holi Milan functions, organised by Tandon to give a fillip to her political ambitions.

Despite being a first timer, Tandon has earned a lot of goodwill with the people in this largely rural and under-developed constituency, which lies sandwitched between Uttar Pradesh’s two leading citites – Lucknow and Kanpur.

Salman was here to boost Tandon’s electoral prospects. Tandon has a close association with the Mukesh Ambani empire where her husband Sandeep was holding a top position after quitting the Indian Revenue Service (IRS). Tandon has her roots in Unnao, where her father was an old established businesman.

Salman Khan told the crowd, “Anu Tandon was born here and then she went away to Mumbai after marriage. Today she has come back after 25 years to seek your support. I would like to appeal to you all to extend your support to her.”

Hopping in a private helicopter with Tandon, Salman sang, danced and swayed with the excited crowd at each of the scheduled gatherings. If that was not enough, Salman sought to emphasise, “Anu Tandon has plans to convert this tiny little Unnao into Mumbai. But I can assure you that if she has her way, she would transform the destiny of this town and build a Singapore here.”

He repeated his antics in each of the places – Safipur, Purva, Hasanganj, Bighapur and Bangarmau – assuring the crowds before bidding farewell that he would visit them again.

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