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Bollywood actor promotes anti-tobacco awareness

New Delhi, May 30 (ANI):  Debutant Bollywood actor Jackie Bhagnani is promoting anti-tobacco awareness ahead of ‘World No Tobacco Day’ in New Delhi.

Jackie who makes his acting debut with the film ‘Kal Kisne Dekha’ said that the celebrities should promote this cause.

“Realistically speaking to eradicate it (smoking) we need one hundred years but we can reduce it and it can happen if the people from the film industry or the sports field who are known if they appeal to the people.  The affect will be much more than any other normal person saying it. So you can always try nothing is impossible slowly and slowly it can get less. We know in the cities people are not allowed to smoke in public places and I’m seeing lot of people following it,” said Bhagnani.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has chosen ‘Tobacco Health Warnings’ as this year’s theme for World No Tobacco Day to be observed on May 31 with an emphasis on the picture warnings at making people aware of the health risks of tobacco use and convincing them to quit.

More than 20 countries, including Britain, Iran, Peru and Malaysia, already use visual warnings on their tobacco products.

The WHO, which requires its entire staff to be non-smokers or to agree to try to quit, has been campaigning for more than two decades to discourage smoking and fight efforts by big companies such as Philip Morris International, Imperial Tobacco, Japan Tobacco and British American Tobacco to attract new customers.

Tobacco is the world’s leading preventable cause of death.
According to WHO, tobacco has been claiming killing more than five million lives every year.

Around 80 percent of smokers live in developing countries, where smoking rates have risen sharply in recent years alongside a ramping-up of tobacco marketing and production in poorer states.

The WHO supports bans on tobacco marketing and sponsorship, prohibitions of smoking in public buildings, and high taxes on tobacco products. (ANI)

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