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Big B in fresh trouble over Barabanki land

The Daulatpur ghost has returned to haunt Amitabh Bachchan. The superstar finds himself in a spot after one Avanendra Singh, son of Daulatpur woman gram pradhan Rajkumari Singh, got her mother to move an application in Mohammadpur Khala police station for lodging of FIR against Big B. Her allegation: Bachchan ‘re-gifted’ the land donated to Daulatpur gram sabha for a girls’ college to Nishtha foundation last week.

‘‘Bachchan,’’ alleged Anavendra, ‘‘is trying to cheat (sic) the gram sabha of the land after a waiver in its favour made a year and-a-half ago during the trial of the land allotment case in the high court. Filing of the affidavit in the high court giving up the claim was a ploy to turn off the heat.’’

The matter has sent local officials on the backfoot. With memories of the high profile trial ending in a clean chit to the star fresh on his mind, police officer Prem Narayan Tiwari lost no time in throwing the ball in his superior, the SP’s court.

Rajkumari, he said, has charged in her application, ‘‘Bachchan sought my consent for transfer of 2.50 bigha of land to the gram sabha and I had then consented to the proposal. Now he has given away a piece of same land to Nishtha Foundation. This amounts to defrauding the Daulatpur gram sabha and calls for action.’’ The application has been forwarded to Barabanki SP Alok Kumar Singh for action, he said.

‘‘Since this is a civil matter, the said transfer of land does not amount to a criminal offence. It must be dealt with by revenue officials,’’ Singh said. He said he has sent a a letter to the DM to probe the matter. Further action will be taken after the inquiry, he said.

However, if Bachchan is wrong-footed, the land transfer could invite trouble for him, government sources claimed.

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