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Bangalore police seize gold worth 60 million rupees

Bangalore, June 12 (ANI): Sleuths of Karnataka Police in Bangalore, who had arrested nine persons and seized from their possession stolen gold ornaments worth 60 million rupees, have managed to solve one of the sensational robberies in the recent past.

The Bangalore City’s Commissioner of Police S M Bidari disclosed this on Thursday.

A gang of burglars looted the ornaments on June 2 when they waylaid the manager of Muthoot Finance Company, a private non-banking company.

The manager was returning home after closing the office when the accused rammed into his scooter and on the pretext of offering him medical aid, abducted him.

They made him unconscious and stole the keys of the main door and the strong room of the finance company.

A case was registered the next day and the police started investigating the case.

The first breakthrough in the case was made within the first week itself after the police arrested one Nirmal Rajkumar on June 9.

With these arrests, the Bangalore police has solved this high profile case involving robbery of 34.6 kilograms of gold ornaments worth rupees six crore.

The fate of the robbers was practically sealed after some swift police action led to the arrest of eight other accused in the high profile case on Wednesday.

The police also recovered the gold, which the accused had shared among themselves. Bidari termed the robbery as the biggest ever in the history of Karnataka.

“Collecting information regarding the activities and movements of accused person who were staying in a shop adjacent to the Muthoot Finance Company on the pretext of conducting trade in computer peripherals. The police pursued the investigation and were ultimately able to nab the accused and recover from them the entire property worth about six crore rupees,” said Bidari.

The police are trying to ascertain the role of any other person in the robbery and also other similar burglaries and robberies committed by the members of this gang.

Meanwhile, the police have ruled out the possibility of the involvement of a Muthoot Finance employee in this burglary. (ANI)

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