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Bangalore hosts fashion show by fresh graduates

Bangalore, May 16 (ANI): The graduation of the creative designer students of the Army Institute of Fashion Designing (AIFD) in Bangalore was marked by a gala fashion show.

Several models sashayed down the ramp at this colourful fashion-cum-passing out parade that was aptly titled Design Dapple-2009 and provided an insight of the students’ creative traits.

The models displayed various designs and cuts created by the budding designers on Friday.

One of the graduate-designers Sandhya said that her collection consisted of the garments made out of net so as to give the nursing mothers more freedom to feed her child.

“Basically the garment which I have done is of net. Their function is to make nursing better and discrete for that I have used some slits in the apex and bit of opening to make it loose on the neckline so that they  can feed it better,” said Sandhya.
The event highlighted the culmination of design and functionality. (ANI)

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