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Bangalore child prodigy trades numbers for toys as playmates

Bangalore, May 22 (ANI): A four and a half years old girl from Bangalore is well on way to become a mathematical genius.

Little Medha can recognise the numbers up to one billion and can do the big additions and subtractions mentally.

This tiny prodigy, a student of Vani Shishu Vihara, is confident that she can solve sums no sooner than the teacher writes them on the blackboard!

Medha’s ability was first recognised by her parents when they saw that she could identify the numbers on vehicles when she was just a two years old toddler.

“She can recognise numbers from one to one billion. She can do additions of five rows (five digits) in twenty seconds and three rows (three digits) in 10 seconds. Her memory is very good. Her grasping ability is more compared to children her age. Since she had already given demos in school. Even the teachers concede that her abilities are higher than children her age,” said Medha’s mother Sowmya Raj.

Her teachers believe that she is a sharp student possessing a strong grasping ability.
“Medha’s grasping power is more than the normal children. If I teach a particular method, she would grasp it immediately and apply it at the moment for solving problems,” said Lakshmi, Medha’s teacher.

Medha’s parents though want her to be an engineer so that her mathematical capabilities can be put to use but they are clear that they would not pressurize the girl with their own aspirations and let her chose her own vocation. (ANI)

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