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Assam has high incidence of cancer

Guwahati, July 2 (ANI): A study by Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute in Guwahati has indicated that Assam’s Kamrup district recorded the highest number of cancer patients in the country.

Though the study initially suggested that the high intake of tobacco products could be one of the chief reasons, experts are now trying to ascertain whether there are other reasons behind such alarming numbers.

Jaganath Dev Sharma, chief consultant pathologist, Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute, said that after gathering and analysing data on incidence as well as the pattern of the disease here we found that the incidences of cancer in Kamrup district are alarming.

“I have analysed and I have seen that the incidences of cancer Esophagus in both male and female is highest in our Kamrup district and next is the Hypopharyngeal cancer, that is highly linked with the tobacco use and then third is the cancer of tonsils,” he added.

Amulya Kakati, Director, Dr. B. Borooah Cancer Institute, said that other than tobacco consumption, the food habits of people in the northeast region could be the reason behind the spread of the deadly disease.

“One environmental factor is tobacco, which we have seen but then again there are peculiar food habits in the northeast region. So we will have to look into our water, soil, and pesticide. All these aspects have to take into consideration before we give a final opinion on the subject,” Kakati added.

Cancer kills thousands of people across the globe every year. (ANI)

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