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Army soldier embarks on a cycle expedition

Bangalore, July 2 (ANI): Undeterred by handicaps, a former Indian Army soldier, Probhojit Singh embarked on a bicycle tour across the country to spread the message of peace and harmony.

Singh,41, once a soldier of Jammu Kashmir Rifles, had to leave his battalion in 1989 when he met with a train accident and lost his left arm and toe of his right foot. But he refused to live in a state of helplessness, and decided to do something different.

He embarked on a bicycle tour across India.

Starting his journey from Ambala Cant in Haryana on January 19, 2009 he has since visited across 18 states, covering almost 9646 kilometers.

Through his tour, Singh wants to spread the message of peace and harmony belief in oneself.

“I want to spread the message of peace and harmony, but that takes a second priority, as the message of overcoming all odds forms the first priority of my tour. I want to send across a message to the people that when I being physically challenged can strive to embark on such a tour, then anybody can overcome their impediments to achieve something in life,” he said.

He rests at the local police stations and gets support from army regiments wherever he goes. The Indian army officers believe that Singh represents the spirit of the army, of never giving up.

“He truly reflects the indomitable spirit of the Indian soldier. And we are proud of him. He has already completed 9000 kilometres of the circuit and is on the road for almost 98 days or so,” said Brigadier R.N. Mittal commandant Madras Engineering Group, Bangalore.

Moving through the traffic in cities and towns across the country, Singh displays an undying spirit characteristic of the Indian Army.

He hopes that his endeavor would inspire many to maintain peace and harmony in the country. (ANI)

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