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Army chief asks world community to put pressure on Pakistan

New Delhi, May 29 (ANI): Expressing concern over media reports of growing nuclear arsenal of Pakistan, the Indian Army Chief, General Deepak Kapoor, on Friday urged international community to take measures to cap Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities.

He also appealed the international community to increase diplomatic pressure on Pakistan so that the growth of their nuclear arsenal could be checked.

“The world community should put the kind of pressure, which is required on Pakistan to cap their enhancement of their nuclear capabilities. That is for the world community to look at. For the Indian perspective, we are quiet sure that with what we (Indian Army) have in place, we should be able to take care of our security and ensure the best for our people,” said General Deepak Kapoor, Chief of Indian Army, on the sidelines of an event organised by the State Bank of India for the Indian army in the national capital.

Kapoor added that he was confident that the army would be able to tackle the Pakistani nuclear challenge and other issues pertaining to the nation’s security and safety with the system, which it had in place.

Commenting on the issue of terrorists trying to infiltrate into the valley in summer, General Kapoor mentioned that the army was prepared to neutralise the terrorists’ attempts to infiltrate into the valley this summer.

He added that all necessary steps had been taken by the Indian Army to avoid any possibility of any untoward incident in the valley. (ANI)

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