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AIDS awareness campaign in Jodhpur

Jodhpur, May 18 (ANI): JNP-Plus, a voluntary forum in Jodhpur took out a rally on Sunday to spread awareness about the deadly virus HIV and AIDS.

The rally with the theme, ‘Together, We Are The Solution’, was organised by a voluntary forum named Jodhpur Network of People Living with HIV Sansthan (JNP-Plus).

It is a community based organisation which is fighting against AIDS and endeavouring to attend various needs of people affected by it.

The motive of the rally was to take HIV-positive tested persons into confidence, usher a considerate attitude of the society towards them and make them aware of the medical treatments available for the disease.

“I am HIV positive and I have been living a healthy life for past nine years. I want those affected, who are living in darkness to come out of it and lead a positive and a healthy life,” said Dinesh, a participant.

Children and young present in the rally lit candles to remember those who had succumbed to HIV/AIDS.

India accounts for roughly half of the estimated HIV infected population in Asia with 2.47 million cases.

However, a new UN-backed estimate released last year almost halved that number after a new survey based on population rather than specific groups. And the report warned that India must be extremely careful, as people were still ignorant about AIDS. (ANI)

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