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Ahire, a solar energy village in Maharashtra

Ahire, Maharashtra, June 1 (ANI): The residents of Ahire, a small village in Maharashtra got electricity for the first time after country’s independence, when the government installed solar panels in the village, thus illuminating the lives of 85 families who had till now been living in darkness.

The children do not have to slog in candlelight to study, women can move out of their houses at night, and men can also breathe a sigh of relief.

“It’s been 62 years since India’s independence, there was no water and no electricity in our village. We were deprived of even the basic facilities,” said Shivaji Bhide, a villager.Village elders recall the numerous obstacles they had to face because of the lack of basic amenities in their village.

“People did not want to marry their daughters in our village as there was no water, no electricity,” said Nathuram Vanjale, a villager.

Now, the future of Ahire looks bright and the residents are quite happy. (ANI)

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