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Agra instructor teaches yoga in water

Agra, June 5 (ANI): Haresh Chaturvedi, a water yoga instructor in Agra, is involved in passing on his skills to the children.
Chaturvedi is a lawyer by profession, but has been practicing this unique art for over 30 years now.

Over the time, he has mastered the art and can now perform the most complex postures from ‘padmasan’ to ‘gomukhasan’ with perfection.

He says that the benefits of water yoga are more compared to the yoga practiced on the ground.

“To do yoga in water is more beneficial then doing it on ground, even though the ground yoga is also very effective. The movement of body in water yoga increases and the resistance power of body also increases. A person would never encounter any illness who is practising water yoga,” he said.

Chaturvedi has been reaping the benefits of practicing water yoga. He claims that he has had no health problems ever since he began practicing this difficult art.

The children are also enthusiastic about acquiring the new skills of water yoga.

For many, it’s a way of improving their swimming, while for others it is all about the increasing physical fitness.

“It is very beneficial. If we do yoga, we can’t put on weight and if we are fat we can even reduce our weight. We won’t ever drown in water, the way we are being taught floating,” said Shivash Bhel, a student.

Conditions such as arthritis and obesity can make traditional yoga practice on land extremely difficult.

The unique properties of water make it possible for people of all fitness levels to practice without any difficulty. (ANI)

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