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Aerial advertising makes an advent into India

Pinjore (Harayana), Apr 23 (ANI): Indian advertising world is touching new heights after the concept of aerial advertising made an entry into the country.
After the approval the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), to use air space for promotional activities with the help of an aircraft, the concept is gaining ground in the country.
The demonstration for this was seen at Pinjore Air Base in Haryana when an air hostess academy, Frankfinn, used the new advertising medium to its advantage.
An aircraft flying in the sky with a red lettering banner trailing behind became a center of attraction for the enthusiastic crowd watching from below.
According to S.S. Dhillon, Managing Director, Sky Ads, the brain behind the advent of aerial advertising campaign in the country, sky provides ample opportunity for the companies to promote their products.
“This has its own advantages because sky is your front page (as in a newspaper). There is nothing else in the sky, so sky is the limit,” Dhillon said.
For Frankfinn, being associated with the aviation industry, the option of aerial advertising was a brand fit.
“Being associated with the aviation industry and this being an advertising medium in the air. So, we saw a perfect brand fit. That’s why, we decided to go ahead and be one of the first customers to do this,” said Samir Walia, Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communication, Frankfinn.
The concept of aerial advertising is bound to revolutionize the Indian advertising world.  And though the concept is new in India, it has been quite in vogue in countries like the US, Australia, Europe and Singapore.
The height of a sky advertisement will be seven feet and the area will be between 1,000 and 3,000 square feet.
An hour of aerial advertising will cost the customers about rupees 100 thousand. The cost is high because this advertising requires special flying skills on the part of the pilot while flying with banners in tow. (ANI)

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