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A Gorakhpur boy plays a dutiful son to his blind mother

Gorakhpur, May 27 (ANI): In a unique case of son’s dedication towards his mother, Kailesh Giri Brahamchari, has been carrying his mother on his shoulders and taking her all over the country to visit places of Hindu worship.

He left his house at a young age of 23 years. He has been traveling continuously for over 13 years to accomplish his mother’s desire of undertaking a pilgrimage to the four most prominent abodes of Hindu Gods, spreading across length and breadth of India.
The four abodes are the Badrinath Temple located in Badrinath in Uttarkhand, the Dwarakadheesh Temple in Dwarka, located in Gujarat, the Jagannath Temple in Puri, located in Orissa and Ramanathaswamy Temple in Rameswaram, located in Tamil Nadu.

In the past 13 years, he has nearly covered the lengths and breadth of entire India traveling from one holy place to the other carrying his blind mother on his shoulders.

Kailesh says that every one should respect their parents and have a loving attitude towards them instead of ill-treating.

He says that it’s his duty to fulfill his mother’s desire of visiting the four abodes in India as his mother undertook the pledge after he had fallen off a tree.

“I am doing this because I had fallen down from the tree. So my mother had taken a pledge to go on a pilgrimage to all the four abodes of Hindu god. So I am helping her fulfill her pledge. Its been 13 years five months and 21 days since I have been traveling. I would be going to Badrinarayan, Dwarka and then to Ujjain from here and would be visiting all the holy places that I will cross on the way,” he said.

Kailesh has been getting a lot of praise from people who have seen him take his mother around. People are happy that even in modern times there exists a son who has devoted his life to his mother.

People do admit candidly that the son’s gesture is indeed rare. He is also being referred to as the modern day ‘Shravan Kumar’.

“We had read in the books about Shravan Kumar, but today I have seen him. We should take inspiration from the way he has been roaming around for the past 13 years carrying his mother on his shoulders. Nowadays, people hit their parents at home. By seeing this, we should get inspired to take care of our father and mother,” said Namrata Singh, a resident.

Shravan Kumar is a character in the great Hindu epic Ramayana who took his disabled parents on his shoulders for a pilgrimage.

The mother-son duo are being sought after everywhere, the people seek the blessings of the mother and give her offerings as well. (ANI)

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