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‘3 Idiots’ teaches tech institutes a lesson

Watching Aamir Khan come up with a simplistic definition of a machine and getting thrown out of class for not following the textbook description in ‘3 Idiots’ turned Sridhar Rajgopalan nostalgic. The former IITian could identify with Rancho — the character played by Aamir in the film — when he sought to argue with his teacher that even a trouser zip was a machine and an example like that could help to explain things better than tongue-twisting bookish terminology.

“There is a big lesson that engineering institutions across the country need to learn from the film. Teaching in technical colleges has turned mechanical and students memorize lessons rather than learn them,” said Rajgopalan, who has designed modules for schoolchildren that discourage rote learning. The engineering fraternity in Kolkata accepts that all izz not well with them and that it is time to break the mould.

Bengal Engineering and Science University (BESU) vice-chancellor Ajoy Ray believes there is a lot of substance in the message that the film seeks to deliver. “We need to change our teaching methodology and evaluation process. Students should enjoy attending classes and learning lessons. They shouldn’t just be driven towards scoring good marks in semester exams,” said Ray.

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