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22-year-old Sikh attacked in Australia

In yet another attack on Indians in Australia, a Sikh was punched in his head by a group of Australians who also removed his turban while he was sleeping at a bus stop in Melbourne.

Police said they are investigating the “unprovoked” bashing of the 22-year-old Indian youth who was punched in the head and had his turban removed as he slept at a bus stop yesterday.

However, the name and other details of the Indian man has not yet been known.

“The Yarraville man was asleep at a stop near Epping railway station in Cooper Street about 12.45 am on Sunday when a bus pulled into the depot and five males, believed to be believed 17 and 19 approached him,” ‘The Age’ reported.

Two of the five youths allegedly bashed the Indian man, while their three companions are believed to have tried to stop the assault, the report said, adding that the 60-year-old bus driver and a passenger also tried to stop the attack. The five youths managed to escape from the scene.

“The victim suffered injuries to his mouth but did not need medical attention,” the Age reported. Police have appealed for any witness in connection with the incident.

This is the latest among a series of racially- motivated attacks on Indians and students from the community.

Around 30 Indian students were attacked in various cities from June to August.

Last month, an Indian student was attacked with a “plank of wood or a baseball bat” by two men which left him with 20 stitches in his head.

The 28-year-old student was attacked by the men after he got down from a bus at Keilor Plains train station.

In September, three Indians were “brutally bashed” by a group of around 70 youth while playing here.

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