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“We’ll try to persuade Rahul Gandhi to join the cabinet” says Manmohan

New Delhi, May 16 (ANI): Thanking the people of the country for the Congress led UPA’s stupendous performance in the 2009 general elections, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday said that he would try to make party general secretary Rahul Gandhi a part of the new cabinet.

Addressing media persons jointly with UPA 
Chairperson Sonia Gandhi at 10 Janpath here, Singh thanked the people of the country for the faith they had shown in the Congress party.

“It’s always my wish to have Rahul Gandhi in my cabinet, but now we’ll have to persuade him to join us,” Singh said.

He said the thumping win of the Congress party was due to the untiring work that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul had done during all the five years of the UPA’s regime.

“Under the visionary leadership of Sonia Gandhi and the sustained hardwork by our youth leader Rahul Gandhi, we achieved the success,” Singh added.

Congratulating the people of the country on giving the UPA the mandate to form the next government, Sonia Gandhi said people had revealed that they knew what was right for them.

“People of India know what’s good for them,” Gandhi said. (ANI)

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