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“Elections In Bihar” Going To Decide Its Fate

Elections in Bihar

Elections in Bihar

Currently election processes are going on in Bihar and is being seen as one of the biggest election battle in India. Most of us are interested to know the final result. Needless to say this election is going to decide the political situation of Bihar in coming years and I think it won’t be wrong to say that this election result will decide the fate of Bihar for coming years. Nitish Kumar is present chief minister of Bihar and leads the party Janta Dal United (JDU). Last time Nitish Kumar came into power by forming an alliance with BJP.

It is quite natural to guess that the main battle in this assembly election of Bihar is between JDU-BJP alliance and RJD-LJP alliance being lead by Lalu Prasad Yadav. Last few months saw no better relation between BJP and JDU however presently both parties are prepared to fight election together. According to present situation of relation between congress and RJD in Bihar congress seems to be all alone in this fight.

Bihar has always been underestimated due to worse kind of politics, administration and criminal activities. Bihar is one of the poorest state economies of India. Before the chief minister Nitish Kumar Bihar has suffered like anything due the worst politics and administration.

Last 4-5 years have been golden period for Bihar. In leadership of Nitish kumar Bihar saw a lot of developments and reforms which are historical. Nitish kumar emerged as popular leader in Bihar and many times was ranked at first position in the list of top chief minister of India. Again Bihar has been put on development path from where every kind of recovery as far as economic status, illiteracy, development issues, criminals’ activities are concerned.

Now the most important thing which comes in mind of experts and well wishers of Bihar is which party is going to rule Bihar for next five years term. When development activities have been started the only move needed is continuation by the next government in Bihar and hence this election will decide the future of Bihar.

Majority of election observers believe that Nitish Kumar will definitely have some edge over other promising candidates due to his popularity and very efficient ruling record in last government term but still it is hard to guess the result confidently.

Whatever be the result of election and whosoever is going to be the chief minister of Bihar majority of the people are expecting of observing the rules and developments like in the last 4-5 years that Bihar saw.

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