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Hypertension doubles already elevated risk of heart disease in diabetics

New Delhi, May 21 (ANI): The presence of hypertension doubles the already elevated risk of heart disease in diabetics, and at the same time, increases the risk for other vascular complications such as strokes, retinal damage and peripheral vascular disease.

Detailing the specifics on the subject, Dr. Vikas Ahluwalia, president of Diabetes Care Foundation of India, says hypertension also greatly accelerates the progression of kidney disease in diabetics.

Both diabetes and hypertension are dangerous because they usually have no symptoms, he adds.

“You can be feeling fine at the same time as damage to internal organs is progressing. It is important to treat diabetes and hypertension early before one feels the symptoms and reaches a stage when things go out of control,” he opines.

There are six facts that need to be highlighted:

1. Hypertension is twice as common in Diabetes Mellitus.

2. New onset Diabetes Mellitus is 2.5 times in hypertension.

3. 20 to 40 percent of IGT patients have hypertension.

4. 40 to 50 percent of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus have hypertension.

5. Only 1/4 of hypertension in Diabetes Mellitus is controlled.

6. Diabetes Mellitus and hypertension increases cardio-vascular risk three fold.

In Dr. Ahluwalia’s opinion, these problems can be treated at an early stage by following a prescribed diet, exercising, and taking medications as directed.

“At a later stage treatment, it is often more difficult. For example, end-stage kidney disease may require dialysis, or heart disease may require bypass surgery. Therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) are very important at all stages / severity and are common for both Diabetes Mellitus and hypertension,” Dr. Ahluwalia adds.

The lifestyle changes should include regular 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise after consulting your physician; No tobacco and minimal intake of alcohol; Salt restriction to less than six grams per day; Avoid high salt foods – pickles, savories; Use of K containing foods – fruits, vegetables; Weight reduction – goal ideal weight and Reduce coffee consumption.

He also says that it is essential to set yourself blood pressure targets.

If you are a diabetic Without proteinuria, Dr. Ahluwalia says the ideal blood pressure would be < 130/80, while with proteinuria it should be < 125/75.

The maximum blood pressure in the event of anyone having Diabetes Mellitus is <130/80.

He concludes that almost all Diabetes Mellitus patients require > 1 drug for Hypertension.

Identify the co-morbidity – CAD, CKD, CVD. (ANI)

Dr. Ahluwalia can be contacted as follows:

Dr Vikas Ahluwalia

Director- Diabetes Care Foundation Of India

Address B –4/234, Safdarjung Enclave,

New Delhi- 110029, 9910328390/26167893

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