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Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies

What we call alternative therapies was very common in the post among the different races and communities. The term alternative medicine covers a broad range of healing methodologies, philosophies and therapies. Alternative therapies used alone are often referred to as alternative, when used in combination with other alternative therapies or in addition to conventional therapies they are referred to as complementary.

All over the world, about 10-30% of human health care is delivered by conventional bio medically oriented practitioners. The remaining 70-90% ranges from self-care according to folk principles, to care given in an organized health care system based on alternative therapies. Many cultures have folk medicine traditions that include the use of plants and plant products. In ancient cultures, people methodically collect information on herbs and developed well-defined herbal pharmacopoeias.

A few decades ago, acupuncture, guided imagery, and therapeutic touch were considered outright quackery. Now, however, in clinics and hospitals around the country, non-traditional therapies are gaining wider acceptance as testimonials and studies report success using them to treat such persistent problems as back pain and arthritis.

With an increase in the number of medical institutions researching alternative therapies increases, the legitimacy of at least some alternative therapies will also increase. Does all this recent medical establishment attention mean that the non-conventional therapies really work? Experts say a definitive scientific answer must await well-designed experiments involving many patients. Up to now, most of the studies have relied on personal observation and anecdotal testimony from satisfied patients.

Some of the famous which people generally uses are examined ahead. Acupuncture is a therapy once considered weird which has some scientific basis. An integral part of Chinese medicine for 1000’s of years, it is based on the belief that energy, which the Chinese call ‘Qi’ (pronounced as chee), circulates along meridians in the body in the same way that blood flows. When the flow of energy becomes blocked, an imbalance is created, resulting in pain or disease. To restore the right balance and energy flow, acupuncturists stimulate specific points of the body along these meridians by puncturing the skin with a needle or with finger-pressure. Research shows that acupuncture releases naturally produced morphine like substances called endorphins. Acupuncture can provide short term relief for a wide range of pains by inhibiting the transmission of pain impulses through the nerves.

Then there is mind body healing relaxation techniques like meditation and biofeedback – which teaches patients to control heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and other involuntary functions through concentration –  have also given respectability to alternative medicine and are routinely taught to patients and medical students. The fundamental of mind body medicine is that the power of the mind can be used to help heal the body by improving the person’s attitude and also, as recent study has shown, by direct effects on the immune, endocrine and nervous system. Although many of the biochemical and physiological mechanisms remain to be identified, an increased body of evidence is showing that the healthy mind is indeed capable of mobilizing the immune system and that the troubled mind can dampen the functioning of the immune system and contribute to physical disease.

Though these therapies do not have scientific basis still these therapies gives people a broad platform to combat their chronic diseases, when all allopathic treatments fail their faith upon.

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