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Zeta-Jones stars in mini film for Lux shampoo

London, May 26 (ANI): Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta Jones has featured in a 7-minute Lux shampoo advert, which astonishingly also includes a motorcycle chase.

Catherine portrays a lab technician, who steals a “youth-enhancing elixir” in the advert.

She later washes her hair with it and shows off the results at a swanky party after which she and her handsome accomplice are rumbled by security and flee on the motorbike.

Though the advert for Lux’s new shampoo ‘Alchemy’, has been filmed in English, it has subtitles.

The shampoo bosses are of the opinion that featuring a renowned celebrity like Catherine will lift up the sales of their product.

“By getting into the world of movies, rather than just having movie stars in our ads, which our competitors do too, we can draw consumers closer to the brand,” The Daily Star quoted Unilever executive Enzo Devoto, as saying.

“When you’re watching a movie and on comes an advertisement trying to hard-sell a product, it’s pretty much interrupting your entertainment. Our project is completely different,” Enzo added.

Meanwhile the hyped advert has already appeared on the Internet. (ANI)

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