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Yoko Ono wins first music award

London, June 12 (ANI): John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono has been honored with a lifetime achievement honour at the Mojo magazine awards in London.

Ono, who was given the first music prize of her career, thanked Mojo for their “courageous” decision.

She has come under fire many times, as many people believe that her “main achievement” was to cause the Beatles to split, reports The BBC.

On being asked what Lennon might have said had he been around, she replied, “He would have said, ‘I told you so, man.’

“He was the only person who was really believing and promoting my work.   Without that I might have been pretty discouraged.”

Many other musicians praised her. 

Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr said, “But also her records are pretty great, she didn’t really need to be a Beatle wife.”

Music producer Mark Ronson said,  “I’m a fan of hers. All those early Plastic Ono recordings are just incredible.” (ANI)

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