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‘X Factor’ judges use code names while checking into hotels

London, Jul 13 (ANI): The judges on Brit television music talent show ‘The X Factor’ reportedly use code names whenever they check in to hotels, so that no one will know who they are.

According to reports, the four panellists use the fake titles when they travel across the UK for auditions.

Music mogul Simon Cowell, 49, calls himself General Mills as he is in charge of the ‘The X Factor’ army.

Aussie singer Dannii Minogue, 37, uses the name Pussy Jones, which is her jokey porn star monicker.

Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole, 26, checks in as Miss Coco, in homage to top designer Coco Chanel.

Irish music manager Louis Walsh, 56, is Captain Fang, a reference to his recent teeth whitening.

“We’ve had occasions in the past where fans find out what hotel they’re at and call up asking to be put through to Simon or Cheryl and making a pest of themselves,” the Daily Star quoted a source as saying.

“Some made naughty suggestive comments or thought they might be able to sway the judges ahead of their audition.

“To put a stop to all that nonsense, they use fake names now,” the source added. (ANI)

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