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When seasick Pink tried to kill herself by jumping off a yacht

Washington, June 2 (ANI): Pop punk star Pink reportedly felt so seasick recently that she tried to take her own life by jumping off a yacht in the middle of an ocean.

She was hoping the vessel’s captain to dock the boat at night.

However, after the captain denied, the So What singer decided on throwing herself overboard.

According to reports, as the singer teetered on deck with a bottle of wine in her hand, she was talked out of a suicide bid by husband Carey Hart.

“I once chartered a yacht through the Mediterranean. But in the end I tried to jump off the boat and kill myself because I wasn’t getting along with the captain,” Contactmusic quoted her as saying.

“The idea was we’d go to port every night so we wouldn’t be rocking like The Perfect Storm, but he had other ideas. We were out in the ocean riding the waves. I got sick and couldn’t take it.

“I got my favourite dress in one hand, a bottle of wine in the other hand and I was ready to jump in the ocean and die. Luckily Carey talked me down,” she added. (ANI)

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