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Uri Geller had to scream at heavily sedated Jacko to wake up during trip to UK

London, Jul 2 (ANI): Israeli/British magician Uri Geller has revealed that he once had to scream at late Michael Jackson to wake him up during a trip to the UK, as the singer was heavily sedated.

Geller, 62, said that he was very worried about the star when he did not wake for the private London Zoo visit his aides had fixed up, and though he tried his best, the visit had to be cancelled as Jacko was in no shape to go.

“I was so worried about him. The trouble is nobody said ‘no’ to Michael and that was a big problem,” the Sun quoted him as saying.

Geller also revealed how he often found himself yelling at the singer over his addiction to prescription drugs.

“I told him – shouting and screaming – that he would die if things continued as they were,” he added. (ANI)

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