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‘Ultimate underdog’ Kris Allen wins ‘American Idol 8’

New York, May 21 (ANI): It was the “underdog” season on American Idol. After 19 weeks, the US chose clean-cut country boy Kris Allen as the country’s singer.

Allen, 23, knocked glam god Adam Lambert off his pedestal to become the series’ eighth title winner.

Although Adam was an early favorite with his huge vocals and in-your-face style and confidence, it was never a foregone conclusion he would win the final vote, reports The New York Daily News.

For Lambert, a wild card was his sexuality – few months ago he was spotted kissing a man.

Also his singing and fashion style was reminiscent of gay icons from Queen singer Freddie Mercury to k.d. lang.

As for Allen, he often talked about his wife and his church attendance. (ANI)

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