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TomKat’s home relaxing mantra – movie marathon!

Washington, Apr 28 (ANI): Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have a unique way of relaxing at home – they watch three films in a row.

“We like to watch three movies in a row,” People magazine quoted Holmes as saying at the Swarovski and Independent Filmmaker Project’s 30th annual gala Sunday night at Cooper Square Hotel.

Cruise and Holmes watch flicks on a giant movie screen in their sprawling 35-million-dollar Beverly Hills home.

“It’s pretty big,” said Holmes.

 “I love to watch movies on the big screen,” she added.

Holmes said that the movie marathons keep everyone at home happy, because they combine chick flicks and actions movies.

“I love action movies,” adds Holmes, who says there are indeed those times when Tom, 46, wants to watch something she’d rather not.

“But I’ll watch it anyway, and then we’ll talk about it afterward,” she added. (ANI)

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