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Tom Hanks plans to shift home due to terrible stink from skunk attack

Washington, May 13 (ANI): Actor Tom Hanks is planning to move into a new home in California because his Los Angeles mansion has been infested with a terrible stink due to a skunk attack.

It was during a recent walk after dark that the Da Vinci Code star’s German Shepherd dogs were sprayed by the creature.

The dogs later transferred the pungent smell back to the house Hanks shares with his wife Rita Wilson.

Six weeks on, the couple are contemplating moving because the entire house has been infested by the smell.

“They say the only way to get rid of skunk smell is tomato juice. This is a lie. We have gone through vats and vats of tomato juice. It’s sticky, it’s like hair gel when the dogs leap up on you and spread the skunk goo on top of you…,” Contactmusic quoted Hanks as saying.

“I put the clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. I’ve got to burn the clothes. We’ve gotta move out because it smells so bad. We’ve got to move out of our house because our dogs got skunked!” he added. (ANI)

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