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The Silver Screen – A Dangerous Medium

Silver Screen - Balika Vadhu

Silver Screen - Balika Vadhu

The silver screen seems to have taken up on them to cleanse our society of all social evils, which in my opinion is absurd, shedding more light on such issues is in way helping any of the causes for as the adage goes, any kind of publicity is good publicity.

These so-called social cause serials are hyperboles, in their respective fields, huge mansions, women dressed for a wretched fancy dress all the time or weeping, then there’re these Mother India kind of females who just have to do everything “right”-I guess somebody changed the definition of right to make it all encompassing and didn’t tell me and then they have the audacity to say that they are targeting the small town audiences.

Moreover, these serials begin with an issue at hand and then they go on, in order to gain more TRPs, convolute the plot in such a disgraceful way that it is ludicrous- to say the least.

Here are examples to substantiate my argument, Pratigya started with all the fanfare regarding how it will bring about a change and revolutionise the way road-side Romeos are dealt with, but, alas, after a few months, it turned into run of the mill serial, the girl embodying the spirit of the voice against eve teaser was married off to the eve teaser and on top of all that, now, she has fallen for the same dude.

In this same serial, the language used is obnoxious to the extent that it can term vulgar.

Balika Vadhu also speaks volumes about social issue story gone askew, trying to depict the hardships, it has, now, taken a leap, wherein the now grown up, bride and groom are madly in love, though a tad sex starved.

It is disgusting as what passes as entertainment in our country, but more on that later.. These shows are appealing with their radiation like camera angles and all the histrionics, the worst thing about these is the simple fact that has to driven home, these shows are telecast all over the world: isn’t this a great way to project the nation, I doubt.

Television is not what it was, a medium to entertainment, something that you could sit in front of after a long day and relax rather it has turned into this box which when switched on scares of the viewers or implants all sorts of notions into people’s head.

There is an urgent need for a change and it better be brought in soon, because if I see another serial about a dark female not getting anyone to marry or a family feud gone really ugly or the mushroom like off springs that come forth after a decade or a one night strand causing unwanted pregnancies (heard of a contraceptive, have you or resurrection and memory loss), I would bash my Television set and throw it.

So, save me the money which I had spent on the Plasma and cleanse the material on so called top-notch channels.

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