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Susan Boyle ‘to get visits in The Priory from feline pal Pebbles’

London, June 4 (ANI): Super-singer Susan Boyle, who is currently battling exhaustion in The Priory, will reportedly have daily visits from her pet cat, ‘Pebbles’.

According to reports, Britain’s Got Talent bosses are planning to surprise Boyle, who lost the show’s trophy to dance group Diversity, by reuniting her with beloved feline.

One show insider revealed: “She’s doing well and she’s going to be out soon.”

TV chiefs hope an emotional reunion with her feline friend will aid Susan’s recovery, reports The Mirror.

It is being believed that the Scottish songbird’s anxiety was due to her being apart from the cat for long periods of time.

Shortly before her admission in the North London clinic, Susan was distressed and mumbling about her pet. (ANI)

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