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Susan Boyle ‘moves into new £2m flat’

London, June 11 (ANI): Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle has reportedly moved into a new 2-million pound flat provided by Simon Cowell along with her beloved cat Pebbles.

According to the sources, show judge Cowell is renting the London pad for his “prized possession”, a show runner-up, for five weeks.

Show sources revealed the Boyle was being “wrapped in cotton wool” to help recover from exhaustion before the live tours.

It has also been reported that Cowell has called in four limos in a bid to fool paparazzi when moving the Scot about for the gigs.

“Simon is looking after his prize possession and no expense will be spared making sure she is happy in herself and well enough to perform,” the Sun quoted a BGT source as saying.

“He wants her to be fully recovered from the exhaustion she suffered during Britain’s Got Talent.

“Diversity may have won the show but Susan’s the one with massive pound signs over her head. She’s being wrapped in cotton wool,” the source added.

Dr Sarah Lotzof said the apartment would put the Scottish singer in a “stable and homely” environment. (ANI)

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