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Stumbling Winehouse booed off stage at comeback gig

London, May 10 (ANI): Troubled singer Amy Winehouse was booed off stage at her big comeback gig after she kept on hitting the bottle during the whole performance.

Winehouse, 25, who was performing at a jazz festival in St Lucia, could barely stand as she guzzled drink, forgot her words then burst into tears as the crowd jeered.

The crowd had paid 33 pounds for tickets to the show, which was meant to be a thank-you for the Caribbean islanders’ hospitality, and they were left disappointed when she stumbled around on the stage muttering to herself.

She kept ordering roadies to bring more drinks, despite appearing to be on the verge of collapse, clinging to her microphone stand for support, and then she shouted at her back-up singers for playing songs she’d never heard of, and had to be reminded that she had written the tracks herself.

The Rehab singer was wearing a dirty bikini top and flashing her silver knickers, and when there was a power cut due to the rain, she did not seem to notice and kept on singing.

When the lights came back on, Winehouse tried in vain to roll a cigarette, chewed the paper and tobacco then spat it at the crowd, and she then lunged at a backing singer with her tongue out.

Afterwards her entourage bizarrely blamed first the weather then her sadness over the break up with hubby Blake Fielder-Civil.

“It’s the first time Amy has sung those songs for a long time. They brought back all her memories of her Blake,” News of the World quoted a spokesman as saying.

But for New Yorker Dave Geoghegan, 44, and the rest of the crowd, it was a waste of time.

“It’s entertaining but only in the way a train crash is,” Geoghegan stated. (ANI)

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