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Stress of $400m debts killed Jackson, says pal Lou Ferrigno

London, July 06 (ANI): Michael Jackson died because of the stress of his 400 million dollars debts, according top his pal ‘The Incredible Hulk’ star Lou Ferrigno.

“He was under tremendous stress, so much I think it killed him. He was 400 million dollar in debt. In the past, he had backed out of doing live shows but this time he was under the gun. The debts put a huge strain on him,” the Mirror quoted him as saying.

The actor and bodybuilder had been training the legend for his demanding 50-date London tour.

He visited Jackson’s rented Bel Air mansion three times a week to bring him back in shape.

He said: “He had undergone a five-hour medical in February and had passed with flying colours, but he wanted to be fitter,

“So I would go to his house with an inflatable exercise ball and 3lb dumbbells. He did not like the dumbbells. He said he didn’t want big shoulders and big muscles like me.

“I laughed and said, ‘Michael, there’s no way you will get big shoulders from 3lb dumbbells.'”

The ‘Sinbad of Seven Seas’ star also revealed that he saw no signs of the King of Pop using any sort of drugs while he was with training under him.

He added: “I was with him until the end of May and he was fine, there was no sign of drug use and his flexibility was improving. That was important, as he was a little tight in certain areas. He hadn’t danced for so long.”

However, he agrees that his client’s diet was poor.

He mentioned: “He ate only one meal a day, always in the evening. He’d wake up and not have anything for the whole day, and when he did eat it was always vegetarian.”

Lou claims to have become a close pal of the ‘Thriller’ singer since they first met through a mutual friend in 1995. (ANI)

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