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‘Spider-Man 3 actress left suicide note for parents’

London, May 23 (ANI): ‘Spider Man 3’ star Lucy Gordan had left two suicide notes before hanging herself in the Paris flat, it has emerged.

The British actress has apparently left a letter for her parents and details of how she wanted her belongings divided up.

Lucy, who played reporter Jennifer Dugan in the film, was found dead by boyfriend Jerome Almeras.

Jerome, who was quizzed by the cops, is said to be in shock.

The cops believe that the tragedy was “almost certainly” suicide.

The couple is believed to have fought on the night of May 19, and Lucy was found dead the next morning.

“There is no question of foul play,” the Sun quoted Lucy’s dad Richard Gordon, 60, of Oxford, as saying.

He added: “Lucy was a lovely, generous, unselfish person. She was the light of our lives.”

Lucy, who had recently moved to Paris from New York, was known to have been depressed after the suicide of a pal in Britain. (ANI)

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