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Slumdog Millionaire kid’s father gets a clean chit

Slumdog Millionaire fame child actor Rubina Ali’s father Rafiq Qureshi has officially been cleared by Indian police over allegations that he attempted to sell his daughter.

Qureshi was quizzed by the police in Mumbai on April 20 after British newspaper News of the World alleged he offered to auction off the nine-year-old for 200,000 pounds to get rid of poverty and become an overnight millionaire, reports said.

The accused protested his innocence throughout the scandal, claiming that the story was a “lie made up by foreign journalists playing games with me”.

Authorities on the other hand, have failed to find any evidence to back up the accusation announcing that they have dropped their investigation into the case.

“There is not any crime. The matter is closed. No money changed hands. Rubina is here. There is no crime,” said senior police officer Rahim Shaikh.

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